Our Story

As a Muslim woman or even as a non muslim who prefers to dress more modestly, it can be very hard to find a dress that covers you and at the same time makes you feel beautiful.

When I had my very first trip to the UAE after I started to wear the hijab, I had no idea what to wear. The UAE, especially Dubai, is known for their luxury image. I wanted to dress modestly but still feel beautiful. When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was all the beautiful women wearing abayas. Abayas are very well known to be worn in Islamic countries, but in Dubai they are specialised in making them look extra elegant, luxurious and still modest!

From the moment I wore my first abaya, I knew I had to make a change. I wanted to bring the abaya culture to Europe and help normalise it. Our plan was to create modest fashion, with a modern twist to it.

We started working with many expert tailors and designers until we found one that was trustworthy enough to make our partner.

We take much time in designing our products and make sure to only use the best quality. Every product is handmade with only the finest materials and the highest quality in the UAE.

And we’re just getting started. From modest abayas to high quality hijabs, we’re obsessed with fusing design, style and technology into the perfect products for every occasion in a Muslim woman’s life. It’s not enough for us to make good quality products; we’re determined to make the quality products you always wished you had—or the ones you never imagined were possible.

We handmade all our products in the UAE and ship them directly to our warehouse in the Netherlands. Which makes buying from Europe a lot more accessible with faster shipping!

When you buy from us, you don’t only support our business. You also support our mission.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.


Team Ahad Beauty