Abaya Size Guide

How does abaya sizing work?

Abayas are sized based on the length of the garment. To make it easier for you to choose, we put all the heights and sizes needed for that height when purchasing the product.

Use the below chart to help determine your recommended size for Abayas, which due to their looser fitting have a distinct size guide.


Abaya Size Persons height (FEET/CM)
54 5'2 FT/ 157 CM TO 5'3 FT / 160 CM
56 5'4 FT/ 162 CM TO 5'5 FT/ 165 CM
58 5'6 FT/ 167 CM TO 5'9 FT/ 175 CM


Where will my size come up to?

When creating our abayas, we intend for them to reach your ankles, however, you may prefer the abayas to run a little longer if you plan on wearing them with some heels, or shorter if you intend to wear them as a long cardigan. So we recommend you take this into consideration when choosing the right size for you.

Can it be tailored?

Absolutely! The abayas are finished with a simple running stitch hem which makes it easy if you need to turn it up and tailor.

What if I’m an in-between size?

If you happen to be an ‘in-between size’, you can wear the two surrounding abaya sizes. For example, if you are 165, you can either get a 54 or a 56. If you like the abaya to fall a little longer or you want to wear heels with it, we would recommend sizing up.

If you are still unsure about what size you are, contact us at ahadbeautyofficial@hotmail.com and we would be more than happy to assist.